The SWIFTNUT is an inexpensive and simple solution for quickly screwing nuts onto screwed rod and long threaded bolts.

Plumbers, engineers, ventilation engineers and electricians all spend time and energy manually screwing up nuts on threaded rods, for example, when securing tray trunking, brackets or cradles. This is where the SWIFTNUT comes into play!

SWIFTNUT attaches to any handheld drill and rapidly threads a nut along a threaded rod and will travel a metre in seconds. It has a special safety socket that ensures when the rod end is reached, SWIFTNUT is automatically disengaged. 

 SWIFTNUT will travel a metre in seconds.

  • Attaches to any hand held drill.
  • SWIFTNUT is designed to run the nut up the thread yet not fully tighten.
  • From a safety standpoint, the nut stops when the SWIFTNUT reaches a solid face.
  • Easy to use, saving time and energy and very economical.
  • Available in a range of the metric and imperial sizes
  • Custom nut sizes can be made on request.

The advantages are many and applicable to a wide range of trades.

Important Notes

SWIFTNUT is not used for tightening nuts. The drill should be used on LOW TORQUE and the usual safety eyewear and protective clothing should be worn.


SWIFTNUT was developed and continues to be made in Scotland. It is copyright of C S Winter Precision Engineering and covered by Patent GB1121744.5. All rights reserved.