Watch SWIFTNUT in action

SWIFTNUT "Nut-Runners" for Threaded Rod

  • What is SWIFTNUT?

    Inexpensive and simple solution for screwing nuts onto screwed rod and long threaded bolts

  • Uses Cordless Drill

    These clever little devices allow you to attach a cordless drill to effortlessly run nuts up threaded rods.

  • Saves Time & Effort

    The ultimate time saving device for plumbers, engineers, ventilation engineers and electricians.


What size should I order?

Order your SWIFTNUT based on the size of bolt you need this to fit. Remember that bolt size is not the same as the spanner/wrench size, for example a 6mm bolt will use a 10mm spanner. 

Will a hand drill not overtighten my nuts?

No, SWIFTNUT is designed to run the nut up the thread yet not fully tighten, and has a built in mechanism to prevent over-tightening. 

Wholesale quantities

Discounts are given to trade and for larger quantities. Please contact us and we will set up an account with pre-arranged discount levels.